The Principle Of Heating Bands
With our type of plant over-winter system, it is possible to plant typical Mediterranean plants like palm trees, lemon trees or oleander permanently in your own garden and still care for them over the middle European winter!

Through the combination of Thermo-foil with an electric low heating temperature system, the temperature of the plant is protected from damage that would otherwise occur by frost. (Max. 35 surface temperature)

The Electric Heating Bands are self-regulating, adapt to changes in external temperatures, and can be conformed to any position. It is impossible for the Heating Bands to overheat or burn out.

In comparison with conventional heating cable techniques, our system saves up to 85% in electric energy costs.

As the external temperature rises, the electrical resistance of the heating element automatically becomes higher, thereby sinking the current and heating power to a minimum.

Available System Elements:
HAS013mHeating Band54Wfor plants with a trunk length up to 1m
HAS024mHeating Band72Wfor plants with a trunk length up to 1m including Root Heater
HAS033+4mHeating Band126Wfor plants with a trunk length up to 3m with separate root and shoot heaters
HAS045+4mHeating Band162Wfor plants with a trunk length up to 5m with separate root and shoot heaters
Rated power of a 5m long Heating Band at 0 external temperature = 90 Watts! = 0.09KW!

heating band

The plant heater Has 03 consists of:
  • Controls
  • Root Heating Circle
  • Shoot (Sprout) Pole or Trunk Heating Circle
  • 4m long Connection Cable

Hemp Palm Tree heated with HAS 03, isolated with only an isolated heating channel, in order to protect its trunk and shoots. The heating channel (Chimney) is decorated with coconut mats to keep its natural appearance even during the winter.